Former Kenyan Traffic police officer,Linda Okello acquires 2nd lavish home in the U.S.

Linda Okello, once a traffic police officer in Kenya, has become an emblem of resilience and victory since her unexpected surge to fame in 2014. A single photograph of her in uniform circulated widely, thrusting her into the limelight and altering the course of her life.

Despite enduring setbacks, including the loss of her job and a relocation to the United States, Linda recently announced the acquisition of her second home in the country. Through her social media posts, she has reflected on the hurdles she faced along her journey, crediting her triumphs to her inner fortitude and steadfast faith.

Joining ‘The Landlord Association of South Carolina,’ Linda expressed her gratitude for the blessings in her life and marveled at the divine interventions that shaped her path. In one of her posts, she shared, “Acquiring a second home was no walk in the park! There were moments when I felt like giving up, but my inner strength reminded me that I am not one to surrender easily. It’s all by the grace of God!”

Furthermore, Linda has not only flourished in her career as a behavior therapist in the U.S. but has also pursued justice regarding the unauthorized use of her image in the viral photo. In 2014, she successfully litigated against a local media outlet for damages, citing the improper exploitation of her image for commercial purposes.