Kenyan Man Offers Kinuthia a New V8 if he Accepts to get Married to Him.

YP, Kinuthia’s admirer, has taken the bold step of revealing his feelings and expressing his love for the TikToker. In an interview with Trudy Kitui, YP, who hails from a Kamba background, disclosed that he is a successful car dealer involved in importing and selling used cars, emphasizing his wealth.

When asked about the reasons behind his affection for Kinuthia, YP passionately explained that he doesn’t mind the gender aspect; he simply desires to marry Kinuthia. He expressed an intense fascination with Kinuthia’s personality, attributing it to the source of his affection.

In a gesture of commitment, YP declared that if Kinuthia agrees to marry him, he plans to gift him a brand-new Range Rover V8. Furthermore, he pledged to treat Kinuthia like royalty, ensuring that all his needs are met. YP expressed his intent to utilize his wealth to enhance Kinuthia’s life and make him shine even brighter.

In his concluding remarks, Kinuthia’s Crush earnestly pleaded with the TikToker to open his heart and accept him. YP firmly believes that he is the ideal partner Kinuthia has been searching for and expressed optimism about winning his heart.