Nairobi Shoe Shiners Reveal How They Make Millions Money From brushing Your Shoes

Nairobi’s shoe shiner reveals the inside scoop on her annual income of Ksh.1 million. The occupation of shoe shining is often overlooked in Kenya and is considered somewhat unconventional….CONTINUE READING

Contrary to popular belief, this profession is surprisingly lucrative, enabling individuals to cover their living expenses and even save some of their hard-earned money.

In a candid conversation with Show Host Ali, Hellen, a seasoned shoe shiner with five years of experience, expresses her enthusiasm for the job. According to her, it’s a fantastic and rewarding line of work.

Hellen asserts that on a typical day, she can earn between Ksh.2000 and Ksh.2500 after deducting costs. When extrapolated to a monthly scale, this amounts to $60,000. Over the course of 12 months, her annual income reaches approximately 720,000. Considering the daily fluctuations, this sums up to an impressive Ksh.1,000,000 each year.

For those who don’t have ownership stakes in their locations, a daily fee of Ksh.800 is typically paid to landlords.

The act of cleaning shoes proves to be a profitable endeavor, bringing in anywhere from Ksh.1,000 to Ksh.1,500 per day, translating to an annual income ranging from Ksh.40,000 to Ksh.500,000 for an individual.

Despite the challenges she faces, Hellen takes immense pride in her work. She attributes most difficulties to Kenya’s current economic climate but remains hopeful that things will improve. Hellen stands as living proof that accumulating wealth doesn’t necessarily require working in the “white collar” sector.