900Million Naeza Break Virginity ,Mniache Nijibambe: Akothee’s daughter says she is single and not searching

Rue Baby, the daughter of Akothee, has confirmed her current single status and debunked rumors of romantic involvement despite being spotted with male companions on several occasions.

In a video shared on her Instagram story, Rue Baby took the opportunity to address misconceptions before assumptions were made by bloggers about her friendships with males, insisting that they are purely platonic.

“Hello to all my fans, I’d like to clear something up quickly. I cherish spending quality time with my male friends without any romantic connotations. I enjoy socializing with them at evening outings and clubs, purely as friends,” Rue Baby expressed.

She expressed her desire to prevent any complications for her male friends with their significant others by clarifying her relationship status and asserting that they are simply her “besties.”

“I don’t want to wake up to false speculations by bloggers claiming I have a boyfriend. Doing so puts my male friends in uncomfortable situations with their partners. I want to emphasize that I’m not currently in a relationship, at least not at this moment,” she added.

Rue Baby underscored that once she enters into a romantic relationship, her fans will be informed as she won’t be able to keep it under wraps. However, for the time being, the male friends she associates with are solely companions with whom she enjoys spending time.

“When I do enter into a new relationship, you all will be informed because it will be hard to hide. But until then, the male friends you see me with are simply friends with whom I share good times. I want to share their pictures without any unnecessary assumptions. Each person you see me hanging out with is just a friend. None of them is someone I am romantically interested in,” she concluded.

It’s noteworthy that Rue Baby was previously linked romantically with comedian MCA Tricky following their appearances together in various settings.

However, Tricky clarified their relationship status, asserting that they were not romantically involved. Despite his statements, some dismissed them as comedic gestures due to his profession.