Street Food:Mutura, the ever popular “African sausage”.What is your Take?
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Street Food:Mutura, the ever popular “African sausage”.What is your Take?

You may have heard about, seen, or even tasted Mutura, a famous delicacy in Kenya ‘The African sausage’.

Mutura is a delicacy of a intestine tract encased combination of minced pieces of cow or goat meat

which is added flavors with onions, salt, and pepper.

Its fame dates a very long time back. Tales have been recounted how mutura was served alongside different meals on important ceremonies or during dowry and circumcisions.

After the men had butchered a goat or a cow, they would wash the intestines and afterward fill them with boiled minced meat that had been soaked in blood. Then set on a barbecue to gradually get dried . This custom has been kept up to date, with the feast now a common feast on road sides
within the middle or lower class residential areas in Nairobi.

“It is affordable and can be consumed with or without accompaniments,” explains Jackson Kiruti, a college student.

Also, selling the delicacy is a sure bet to bring handsome returns, as Eric, a butcher in Muranga, says he pockets at any rate ksh.3000 daily from the business.

“I start setting up the grill around 6pm and customers flock whenever they see the smoke,” he says.

In addition, the meat contains proteins and calcium that assists in building body tissues and ease digestion of other foods.