“I cook for my husband every day”: Meet Sueh Owino, the TikTok chef who has won praises from Kenyans

Renowned TikTok sensation, Sueh Owino, has captured the internet’s affection with her recent culinary endeavors. In her captivating videos, she meticulously crafts meals, primarily for her husband, and her latest culinary masterpiece demanded an astounding 29 hours of her dedicated attention.

Sueh’s youthful countenance, petite stature, modest demeanor, and braces subtly reveal her youthful spirit. While she remains coy about divulging her exact age, she did hint that she’s in her early twenties.

“I’ve been married for less than three years now, and that’s when I started preparing meals for my husband daily,” Sueh shares with a smile. “I want to clarify that submission is not synonymous with slavery.”

According to Sueh, it all boils down to respect and fulfilling her Christian obligations as a wife.

“The Bible emphasizes that a wife should submit to her husband, and in turn, the husband must love his wife. It’s a partnership where both parties uphold their end of the commitment. For me, that translates to cooking and ironing daily, among other responsibilities. It’s simply a matter of waking up and fulfilling my responsibilities – nothing more, nothing less.”

A glance at her TikTok page showcases her unreserved dedication to cooking, from international dishes like pasta and spaghetti to local delicacies like matumbo (tripe) and even traditional cow hooves. However, Sueh reveals that catering to her husband’s palate doesn’t necessitate a culinary extravaganza every day.

In fact, his favorite meals are various preparations of potatoes – whether it’s fries, wedges, or garlic chips, Sueh can whip up a delightful potato dish. Her forays into intricate recipes are driven by her enthusiasm for trying new culinary experiences. Surprisingly, she admits that she isn’t as avid an eater as people might assume; she cooks these delectable dishes as a heartfelt expression of her love for her husband.

Sueh clarifies that this cooking prowess wasn’t a pre-marital demand from her husband.

“It’s not a requirement set by my husband. It’s a choice I made after studying the Bible. My mother did the same. I believe men have their preferences, and if they seek a wife with Christian values who can manage daily chores without the distractions of fancy nails and makeup, we should respect their choice.

Personally, fake nails wouldn’t suit my lifestyle. I need to be able to do laundry and work on the farm. It’s all about practicality and saving money. Who has the time to fuss over eyebrows when planning the day’s menu? Although, I must admit, I do indulge in nail and makeup sessions occasionally for special occasions.”

Now, let’s delve into Sueh’s unexpected ascent to TikTok stardom. She confesses that it caught her completely off guard.

What initially started as innocuous videos showcasing her roles as a wife evolved into a nationwide discourse on gender roles in our generation. However, Sueh promptly addresses the criticism, asserting, “Why should anyone be offended? I’m the one cooking for my husband. You can do the same for your spouse. Many women are already doing it; they just don’t share it on social media.”

A typical day in Sueh’s life entails waking up early to iron her husband’s clothes. Subsequently, she crafts a delectable breakfast selected from their pre-determined weekly options. After tidying up, she tends to her duck farm (yes, you read that correctly!). Lunch is a more relaxed affair when she’s alone at home, but come evening, she immerses herself in preparing a scrumptious dinner for her husband. Amidst these tasks, she still manages to create content for her burgeoning fanbase. Truly, she embodies the essence of a superwoman!

With her newfound fame, Sueh has also ventured into exciting business opportunities. She now offers meal plans for those eager to savor her culinary magic at home. Additionally, she markets her line of cooking utensils, a venture she personally developed. Her husband, a staunch supporter, actively participates in running their duck farm and selling various breeds of ducks. Thus, Sueh’s life is not confined to being a homemaker; she has transitioned into a bona fide businesswoman, converting her exposure into an entrepreneurial journey.

Intriguingly, we couldn’t resist inquiring about Sueh’s plans for starting a family and whether she intends to continue her daily cooking regimen when that time comes. Her response exudes both warmth and tradition.

“I can’t say for certain until I’m pregnant or until we have children, but I’ll certainly strive to do so. I hold traditional values dear to my heart, and I still believe that the path to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”