Shocking Reason why Muthoni Wa Kirumba had left Kameme FM.

Muthoni wa Kirumba who is also known as Baby Top is a female Kikuyu radio presenter at media max company limited specifically at Kameme FM, she hosts a mid-morning show known as Canjamuka alongside Muthee Kihenjo who is a comedian. Their show kicks on from 10 am to 1 pm starting from Monday to Friday.

Muthoni has worked with Kameme FM for 12 good years, she joined Kameme after resigning from Bahasha FM. Muthoni had made Kameme FM popular via her show, her laughter, and energy in her duty are things to be remembered.

The reason why she has resigned is because of their boss Gatonye wa Mbugua pressurizing her to campaign for Raila Odinga who is aspiring for the Presidential seat. The business of her boss is the reason why she has resigned from the work.

Kameme Fm has developed a biased news broadcasting which always praises Raila Odinga and spreads rumors and fake news concerning Deputy president William Ruto who is also aspiring for the Presidential seat.