Why Sonko Wants You To Drink More Whisky This Easter

Why Sonko Wants You To Drink More Whisky This Easter

The Nairobi Governor mike Gideon Mbuvi aka’’ mike Sonko’’, the trendy Nairobi governor has a special early Easter message to merrymakers this Easter. However this might make you consume a lot of whisky very joyfully.

Governor sonko posted a video on Facebook to his followers. Explaining the health benefits of consuming whisky. The viral video showcased the health benefits of drinking whisky though in moderation and only to legal age people.

The outlined benefits includes. Avoiding weight gain gain, this comes after the ‘’kijana  mfupi amenona round memes’ ’fighting cancer, reduction of stroke risks and assisting in brain development.

to those with fat pockets. other benefits include: assists in digestion process, increases life span for diabetic people.


With his followers always ready to engage this is what the governor had for them.

“Surprising benefits of taking whisky. Alafu wengine wanasema mimi na mdosi twapenda kucharge Sana. Wakwendee,” said Mr Sonko.

With the governor’s massive following, The clip attracted lots of reaction from followers who were doubtful of the information the clip provided.

’’ Nimekwama hapo kwa “helps you avoid weight gain”….. Kwako Mheshimiwa imekataa na sio kwa ubaya 😅😅😅’’said Paulo Nyainda

’’ Bro it doesn’t say what it do to your decision making capacity equally important for leaders. This is usually the concern not not sugar level. Happy Easter and take care’’


’ No one benefit: it helps you to avoid weight gain. Mhesh your current weight compared to that on your previous profile pic, which is which?’’ said  Blessed Bonventure’

’’ Hapo kwa weight loss sioni ikimake sence… Unless you don’t have a mirror in your house’’ said Kimani Wa Nyaga

’’ It’s good to charge but when you “overcharge” then that’s when it gets dangerous. said Pato British Moh

”Unfortunately in Kenya one may not experience those benefits because the shelves in the drinking joint is full of fake liquors….’’ said Maina Karanja 

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