Mike Sonko Surprises a Form Three Student Sleeping By The Streets Of Nairobi
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Mike Sonko Surprises a Form Three Student Sleeping By The Streets Of Nairobi

Nairobi former governor Mike Sonko has wowed netizens after his benevolent deed last night, in a live feed the popular man was shocked after seeing a student dozing by the roads near general store.

Sonko was seen waking up the young woman girl who was very confused on seeing the famous politician

After a couple of questions, the young girl said she had travelled from Kisii and was preparing to go to class tomorrow during the glad reopening.

The kind-hearted governor requested the form three student to pick up a trolley as the duo entered a local supermarket.

“Pick everything that you need and require,” Sonko told the young girl as they made rounds in the supermarket.

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Subsequent to making payments, Sonko gave the girl Ksh 10,000 money to help her as she returns to class.

This night occurrence comes hours before students return to class after a long holiday

The current education calendar has been seriously disrupted by the deadly coronavirus that has wreaked havoc across the country.

Learning will continue from tomorrow in all learning institutions including primary schools in the country.

Guardians and parents have been going through some tough situations of late with many expected to part with school fees in the midst of a pademic

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