“Mnibuyie Prado Nmechoka Kutembea ,” Tahidi High Omosh Ask Kenyans Just Months After He Was given House.

Comedian Omosh, widely known for his role as “Marehemu” in the popular “Tahidi High” series on Citizen TV, has recently surprised Kenyans with a request for assistance in purchasing a car. This appeal comes just a few months after a collective effort by Kenyans to build a house for him.

Omosh’s journey from a struggling actor to a homeowner had previously symbolized hope and unity across Kenya. In early 2021, the community rallied together, pooling funds to provide him with a new residence.

In an unexpected twist, Omosh has now expressed a need for a car, urging fellow Kenyans to contribute. He cited the exhaustion from walking and emphasized that a car would greatly improve his daily life.

The response to Omosh’s request has been mixed. Some view it as ungrateful, while others are more sympathetic. To understand his plea for a car, one must consider the ongoing challenges he faces. Although the house has provided stable housing, financial struggles may persist, leading him to seek the convenience a car would offer.

Omosh’s appeal for a car, especially following the community’s effort to provide him with a house, has left many puzzled. Whether Kenyans choose to support him again or not, Omosh’s story highlights the powerful impact of community support and the complex nature of fame.