"Usijicompare na mtu Handsome kama mimi" KRG responds to stevo simple Boy -

“Usijicompare na mtu Handsome kama mimi” KRG responds to stevo simple Boy

Artiste KRG the Don has blasted Stevo Simple boy after he claimed he did not know who he was.

In an interview with a local Youtuber, the artiste cautioned Stevo against comparing himself to him in any way. He strongly disagreed with Stevo’s sentiments noting that they were not on the same level.

Continuing his spiel, he stated that the only work he would give him is a scarecrow job to chase away animals and birds on his farm.

“Wewe ni mtoto mdogo, wewe ni mnyama mdogo sana mbele ya macho yangu. Wew mimi nikikulinganisha ile kazi naeza kupa wewe siple boy, labda nikupeleke kwa shamba yangu uko nikuvalishe khanga ukue kama scarecrow, kwa sababu sura yako inatisha sana.

Usijaribu kabisa simple boy. Sura yako inatisha sana kujicompare wewe na mtu handsome boy kama mimi. Wewe unakaa kama scarecrow ile kitu imechukuliwa kama watermelon uitobolee mashimo tu mianya,” he said.

This loosely translates to:

To me, you seem like a young child or a small animal. The best comparison I can make is to a scarecrow. In fact, you would be perfect for scaring animals away from my farm because your appearance is quite scary.

Please don’t even try to compare yourself to me. Your face is not comparable to mine, as I am a handsome man, and you resemble a scarecrow.

In a recent exchange, the popular musician ‘Mihadarati’ expressed confusion about why he was being pitted against another artist, KRG. He claimed not to know who KRG was and questioned why they were being forced to compete musically.