Karen Nyamu Asked to Take Time and Discover Her Purpose in Life
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Karen Nyamu Asked to Take Time and Discover Her Purpose in Life

Ndungu Nyoro encouraged Karen Nyamu to enviously deal with her brandand settle on smart decisions.He said Karen should forget her previous agonies and rather take time to rediscover her purpose in life

His message to Samidoh’s baby mom came in the midst of a viral video of the couple getting comfortable with one another.

Ndungu Nyoro has written a sincere message to lawmaker Karen Nyamu in the midst of her baby daddy drama with Kikuyu artist Samidoh.

Karen set social media abuzz\swirling, again after sharing a video of her and the musician getting comfortable with each another.

Taking to his Facebook, Nyoro asked the ex-Nairobi women rep aspirant to forget her previous agonies and rather focus on discovering her purpose in life.

He encouraged the lawmaker to ratherasak for harmony and shrewdness from God on how she can deal with the various circumstances in her day to day existence.

Karen Nyamu Asked to Take Time and Discover Her Purpose in Life

He said for her image, Karen should take time before making any decisions because though some may be exciting at the moment, they may also turn out to be painful in the future. Nyoro’s message to Samidoh’s baby mama came at a time when her video with the musician went viral on Monday, April 5.

In an already erased video shared on her Instagram page on Monday, Nyamu and Samidoh seemed pleased to be in each another’s company. The two energetically chatted in a seductive language as Samidoh asked Nyamu if she was to give him something would that be, to which she responded, “Kichwa tu”.

Fans quickly went on the comment section to share their stunning responses, with some praising Nyamu for being strong and following what she needed.

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