Newest Blogger in Town"Sonko Reduced to a Rastafarian" See What He Was Spotted Doing in the Streets (VIDEO)
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Newest Blogger in Town”Sonko Reduced to a Rastafarian” See What He Was Spotted Doing in the Streets (VIDEO)

Hon Mike Mbuvi Sonko, a man whose popularity had gone global. Nairobi ex-Governor lived a lifestyle that many appreciated while he was in office. He could wear brilliant gold chains and rings worth huge amount of cash, sharing them on his social platforms.

In his Facebook account where millions of netizens are following him, Mike Sonko shared a video which has started alot of discussion and raised concern among Kenyans on his present state subsequent to quitting Nairobi city hall as acting governor.

In the video, he was strolling in the streets wearing a short pant, a t-shirt and a popular cap used by Rastafarians.He was greeting road users on the way including those who were driving. One was heard saying, “utarudi Bana”.

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