Handsome Boy: I’m The Cutest Man In Kenya And Ladies Want To Kidnap Me Help

Handsome Boy, a content creator from Kibera and a former comedian on Churchill Show, has recently made headlines again by claiming that he is causing Kenyan ladies to lose sleep over his looks. In a recent interview with an online media outlet, Handsome Boy boldly declared that he is the cutest man in Kenya, and that his DMs are overflowing with messages from women who are interested in him.

During the interview, Handsome Boy also revealed that even Amberay, a well-known Kenyan socialite, has shown interest in him. However, the comedian stated that he now requires protection from the national government, as he has received threats of kidnapping from Kenyan ladies who are infatuated with his looks.

Furthermore, Handsome Boy stated that he has yet to find a woman in Kenya who meets his standards. He claimed that any woman who wishes to spend time with him must be prepared to pay Ksh.3 million.

Regarding his previous claims that Vera Sidika is his mother, Handsome Boy remained adamant, insisting that Vera had given birth to him in Kakamega before abandoning him. He further asserted that Brown Mauzo, Vera’s current partner, is his step-father, and that both Vera and Brown must acknowledge him as their firstborn son.