chief dies in hotel allegedly after intercourse with pastor’s wife

A chief has allegedly died after intercourse with a pastor’s wife at a hotel .

The late said late chief, reportedly lodged at a hotel with a woman said to be the wife of a shepherd of a white garment church in the same town on Monday, January 9, 2023.

Immediately after the two allegedly had sexual relations, the chief was said to have slumped and lost consciousness, prompting the lady to call for help from the hotel room.

It was gathered that hotel staff and some associates of the man rushed him to a hospital where he was confirmed dead.

Associates of the late retired chief were alleged to have attributed his death to a local charm placed on married women by their husbands to harm lovers who sleep with them.

The aggrieved supporters of the late herbalist were said to have stormed the church where the husband of the lady is the pastor and vandalized it in anger.