Surprise as Woman Married for 20 Years Says She Has Never Cooked for Her Husband, Reveals Reasons

Nigerian business magnate and Woodhall Capital’s founder, Mojisola Hunponu-Wusu, sparked widespread discussion when she revealed that despite two decades of marriage, she has never cooked for her husband.

In a recent interview on ‘The Diary Of A Naija Girl’ podcast, Mojisola candidly explained that her hectic schedule has prevented her from partaking in traditional domestic duties like cooking. She expressed a longing for more time to engage in various family activities but confessed to struggling to find the time.

Mojisola acknowledged her inability to cook but emphasized her commitment to fulfilling other roles for her husband. She expressed admiration for women who manage to allocate time for such tasks but affirmed her dedication to her entrepreneurial journey.

She speculated that perhaps cooking isn’t her husband’s primary means of feeling loved and appreciated, suggesting that he may value other gestures she performs. This insight highlights her understanding of her spouse’s preferences and needs.

It’s essential to recognize Mojisola’s remarkable professional journey. Within six years of relocating to Nigeria and drawing from her five-year tenure in investment banking in London and Nigeria, she established Woodhall Capital Limited. Specializing in financial advisory services, particularly in securing international funding, the company has facilitated investments exceeding $3 billion in Africa since its inception in 2014.