I cannot date a woman who doesn't drive-KRG The Don Confirms

I cannot date a woman who doesn’t drive-KRG The Don Confirms

KRG the Don has revealed that he and socialite Shakilla are not dating. Talk was going round after he was spotted being comfortable with the socialite in the wake of divorcing his wife of many years.

Talking during an interview, Don said,

“She is just a friend, she is an entertainer when we meet we must have fun. I am single right now and am not searching. “

Asked how much he would send a girl for ‘fare’, Don said;

“I cannot date a woman who doesn’t drive nor have I ever dated one, sio kwa ubaya but tutakua tunapelekana wapi?”

KRGwho headed out in different directions with his goat wife last year asserted that his better half cheated on him, during the interview;

“We had talked, I even went through the traditional ceremonies for conflict resolution. I wanted to forgive her for everything…Yes, she cheated. It was with a certain chokora that I don’t want to mention. I even wondered how she went from the soft life to go to a beggar?”