Trio Mio Lands For First EVER Dubai Concert!

Tonight marks a significant milestone for Trio Mio, the teenage rap sensation who has been making waves in the music industry. He is set to perform his first international concert in Dubai, and he announced his arrival on Instagram earlier today with a series of snaps. Trio will be performing to a sold-out crowd at the posh Enish Dubai Lounge, where Tanasha Donna met with undisputed boxing champion Floyd Mayweather last November. Alongside DJ Pierra Makena, Trio is sure to put on an incredible show.

Trio Mio’s rise to fame began in 2020 when he released a Gengetone song titled ‘Cheza Kama Wewe,’ which garnered over 5.8 million views on YouTube and gained him many fans in Kenya. According to sources, Trio Mio’s net worth is currently estimated to be $39,971, with his music being his primary source of wealth. He has 237K subscribers on his YouTube channel and has uploaded 22 music videos.

Despite only being in the music industry for two years, Trio Mio’s career has experienced rapid growth, and his net worth includes the recent purchase of a piece of land, which he proudly displayed on social media. At 18 years old, Trio Mio’s net worth is impressive and speaks to his responsibility at a young age. In one of his songs, he raps about being the breadwinner for his family.

Trio Mio has garnered attention from many Kenyans who wonder how he balances his education and talent. The 18-year-old was homeschooled after it became difficult to balance his music career and education at Machakos Boys High School, according to his mother. Trio Mio was raised in Nairobi’s Umoja 1 estate and is in a relationship with a younger girl whose other details he did not disclose.

Overall, Trio Mio’s first international concert is a testament to his talent and hard work. He has become a household name in Kenya and is on his way to making a name for himself globally.