Trevor Thinks Mungai Eve Is Cheating -

Trevor Thinks Mungai Eve Is Cheating

On Friday, Trevor, a video director who is also Eve Mungai’s boyfriend, expressed suspicion that Eve might be cheating on him. He posted on Instagram saying that she had been making him too happy lately, and that he was going to go through her phone that night to check for any potential signs of infidelity. Trevor and Eve are currently in Cape Town, South Africa, but Eve posted a photo on the same day wearing the same outfit, claiming she was in Westlands, Nairobi. This raised questions about her whereabouts and honesty.

Eve Mungai and Trevor met in Thika, Kenya’s Kiambu County in 2019 during a photo session where Trevor served as the photographer. At the time, both were in failing relationships, but they eventually decided to leave and exchange phone numbers. Two years later, Trevor expressed his intention to date Eve, and she initially reprimanded him. However, she later realized he was sincere and committed to dating her, so she decided to give him a chance.

Their relationship has faced public criticism, but they have managed to weather the storms. Recently, they shared photos of their holiday where they were marketing Bonfire Adventures, but some fans were busy scrutinizing their financial status. Eve has previously responded to negative comments from people and fired shots at fellow content creator Andrew Kibe, who had criticized her relationship with Trevor. She called him out for insulting young and upcoming personalities in the industry while being a divorced man who is not in any functioning relationship himself.

Overall, Trevor’s suspicions of Eve’s potential infidelity have cast doubt on their relationship, but they have previously shown resilience in the face of public criticism.