Meet singer Bahati's Wife and prayer partner 'Diana Marua'

“Sawa basi, sina sauti ya kuimba”- Diana B Finally Admits After Fans Blasted Her.

Kenyans were treated to a short term irritation to their ears after the newest rapper, Cardi B… Sorry, Dina B released a reply to famed ‘Mtaachana tu’.

Diana has however opened up on the song and admitted that she can’t sing.

“The reason why I decided to do rap is that I personally know I can not sing. Truth be told, I only sing in the bathroom…that is the best I can do,” Diana Marua said.

“Rap is a vibe…ni kuunganisha mistari…ujue unaflow… alafu uweke vibes…mafeelings…emotions and then you come up with a banger. That is why I decided to start with rap.”

“It was just a response to my husband’s song ‘Mtaachana tu’ I thought of starting with a response…what am thinking about ‘mtaachana tu’,” Diana said

Well, let’s all agree, Diana should never try that again.