Lady Confesses that The Biological Father of all her 3 Children is her Dad, not her Husband

A married woman has opened up about her clandestine affair with her biological father which resulted in the birth of her three children….CONTINUE READING

According to the 35-year-old, she has been married to her husband for years with three adorable children, but the truth is, none of the kids is for the man.

She recounted her complicated love story in an anonymous letter to Citi FM/TV’s relationship show ‘Sister Sister’ in which she disclosed that her father started having sex with her at age 15 and she even became pregnant at a point.

“My father always takes me on vacation but my husband never complains because he sees nothing wrong with it. I’m 35 now, I have 3 beautiful kids and they are all my father’s but nobody has ever suspected because I look like him,” she said in the letter.

Her mother who was bent on knowing the man responsible for the pregnancy threatened to disown her, forcing her to mention the father.

“The shock of this got my mother always thinking because she had no one to talk to, she fell sick and eventually died,” the anonymous woman revealed.

In the letter that was shared on the Facebook page of ‘Sister Sister’, she added that not even the death of her mother could stop her and her father from continuing with the incestuous sexual affair.

“My father and I continued our relationship despite knowing it was wrong because we were so much into each other,” she said.

Their decade-long romantic relationship is unknown to anyone, including her husband who ignorantly thinks he is a father of three.

According to her, she has been having the urge to inform her husband about the scandal but doesn’t know how to go about dropping the bombshell.