Wealthy Mzungu Who Dumped His Russian Wife for a Kenyan Kikuyu Lady Now Working at Mjengo Sites After Going Broke

In a poignant tale, a Caucasian man, once prosperous in his career in Russia, now finds himself in dire straits, seeking assistance following a financial downfall subsequent to his divorce from his Russian wife to marry a woman from the Kikuyu tribe in Kenya.

In a recent report by Afrimax English, the man, known as Alexander, revealed his former occupation as a pediatrician in Russia, where he enjoyed a monthly income ranging from $3000 to $4500 over a span of 23 years.

“My life was flourishing, adorned with the trappings of success, but there was an emptiness until I met my first wife, a fellow Russian. We married and shared a harmonious bond,” expressed Alexander.

However, discord surfaced between Alexander and his wife, leading to their eventual separation.

Seeking solace from the despair of divorce, Alexander embarked on a journey across various parts of the world, eventually finding himself in various regions of Africa.

“It was in Kenya where I encountered a woman who captured my heart instantly,” he recounted.

As their love blossomed, Alexander envisioned her as the ideal life partner, and they later wedded and welcomed their first child while still in Russia.

In due course, Alexander made the decision to liquidate his assets in Russia and relocate to Kenya to begin anew.

“We sold off all our possessions and relocated to Kenya. The proceeds from the sale were substantial enough to alleviate any immediate financial concerns,” Alexander disclosed.

As they embarked on their new life in Kenya, his wife had divergent plans for their finances.

“We invested in 500 chickens, 20 pigs, and 20 goats. I felt secure in leaving my previous profession to venture into this business,” Alexander recounted.

However, their initial optimism quickly waned as their investments failed to yield returns.

“We also purchased a sizable plot and constructed a large residence. Witnessing the mounting losses, I began to harbor intense self-blame,” he continued.

Alexander laments his decisions as his circumstances worsened, exacerbated by his wife’s negative behavior.

Eventually divorcing his wife, Alexander later discovered she had deceived him and liquidated all their assets.

Presently, Alexander ekes out a living at a construction site, grappling with the challenges of poverty as he navigates his new reality.