“Tafadhali nizalie nitalea, Sitakuacha!”, Diamond publicly begs Zuchu to get him a child

Bongo music sensation, Diamond Platnumz, publicly made a request to his rumored lover, Zuhura Othman, known as Zuchu, who is also a part of the WCB (Wasafi Classic Baby) artist lineup. Diamond’s request came during their joint performance at the Wasafi Festival, held at the Kahama Stadium in Tanzania.

In a memorable moment on stage, the WCB boss surprised his alleged girlfriend while singing the song ‘Mtasubiri sana.’ During the performance, the charismatic singer could be heard expressing his feelings, saying, “You love me, you believe in me, will you have a child with me?” Following this heartfelt declaration, the two artists shared an affectionate embrace and a kiss, which was warmly received by their devoted followers.

Both Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu, prominent figures in the Bongo music scene, have frequently collaborated in musical performances at various festivals. Their recent on-stage interaction generated excitement, particularly among Zuchu’s supporters, who were thrilled by Diamond’s request.

Notably, this public moment occurred shortly after Taarab singer Khadija Kopa, who happens to be Zuchu’s mother, revealed in a live interview that she had no knowledge of any romantic involvement between her daughter and Diamond.

Speculation about the romantic relationship between Zuchu and Diamond has persisted for a considerable period, and this public request further fueled the rumors surrounding their connection.