Geri inengi by Wakadinali pulled down from YouTube over royalties wrangles

Wakadinali, Kenya’s rap royalty, are facing a setback as their popular track #geriinengi has been removed from their YouTube channel. The group’s former producer, Victor Otieno Owitti, also known as #afrvka, is being accused of orchestrating the removal due to a dispute over royalties.

Upon visiting their YouTube channel, it was evident that Victor was serious about the removal, as a copyright claim message by him appeared for the video. Two other tracks, “geri inengi” and “extra pressure,” were also taken down due to the producer’s actions. Despite the group’s silence, fans have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment.

One Twitter user stated, “Former Wakadinali producer has removed videos from Rong Rende on YouTube due to royalties, including geri inengi and eye contact noma ajab.” Another fan added, “Beats Afriq has taken down Wakadinali songs, including their most commercially successful song, Geri Inengi, due to royalties. I believe Wakadinali needs corporate guidance.”

The frustration continued, as another fan tweeted, “I tried to watch Geri inengi yesterday, but I searched for it three times and couldn’t find it.” The situation remains ongoing, and it is unclear if the group will be able to resolve the issue and restore their popular tunes to the YouTube platform.