Tiktoker Brian Chira Funeral Money Reaches KSh7.3m in 72 hours

In just 72 hours since its launch, the funeral fundraiser for TikTok Digital Creator Brian Chira has exceeded a remarkable milestone, amassing over Sh7.3 million. This heartfelt initiative is being led by Chira’s close friend and fellow content creator, Baba Talisha.

Expressing his gratitude during a TikTok live session, Baba Talisha acknowledged the collaborative effort of various teams and supporters, including Mc Chris Kirubi, Team Mwiti, Team Big Daddy, and Team Sekena, who contributed to achieving this significant milestone. “We did it, team. Four lions, today we’ve reached 7.3M,” he exclaimed with appreciation.

Having set an initial fundraising target of Sh10 million for Chira’s final send-off, Baba Talisha’s efforts gained substantial traction within the first 48 hours, surpassing Sh5 million. This rapid influx of funds underscores the overwhelming support from Chira’s online community and fans, all rallying together to ensure he receives a dignified farewell.

As of Thursday, contributions had reached Sh1.2 million, reflecting the continued generosity pouring in from well-wishers. Baba Talisha shared that Chira’s grandmother had expressed a heartfelt wish for him to be laid to rest in a graduation gown, adding a poignant touch to the arrangements.

Scheduled for March 26, the burial will take place in Githunguri, Chira’s grandmother’s hometown. However, adhering to Kikuyu tradition, the body viewing will be held at Kenyatta Funeral Home, distinct from the grandmother’s residence.

The tragic circumstances of Chira’s passing, resulting from a fatal road accident on March 16, 2024, have deeply affected his loved ones and followers. Authorities are diligently investigating the incident, which occurred on the Ndenderu-Ruaka Road in Kiambu County. Despite efforts to locate the speeding lorry responsible for the collision, it fled the scene, prompting a pursuit by law enforcement.

Pending further investigation, an autopsy will be conducted on Chira’s body, and authorities plan to retrace his movements prior to the accident. There are also inquiries into the possibility of alcohol involvement, particularly in the Gacharage area where the accident transpired.

Kiambaa sub-county police commander Pius Mwanthi reassured the public that efforts to apprehend the involved vehicle are underway, emphasizing the ongoing nature of the investigation and the absence of any arrests at present.