Thousands of Litres Of Illicit Brew Destroyed In Migori County

In a concerted effort to eliminate the scourge of illicit brews, Migori County has taken decisive action, with over 92,000 liters of Kangara and 10,000 liters of Chang’aa being eradicated from various parts of the region.

During a collaborative forum hosted at the Migori Teachers Training College, County Commissioner David Gitonga addressed a gathering of multi-agency stakeholders. Gitonga reported that 92 individuals have been apprehended in connection with the production and distribution of illegal alcohol. Furthermore, over 30 wine and spirits establishments, including five pharmacies and three agricultural veterinary shops, have been shuttered as part of the ongoing enforcement efforts.

The law enforcement agencies in Migori have also seized over 600 kilograms of marijuana since the beginning of the year, with the town of Isebania, situated on the Kenya-Tanzania border, identified as a primary entry point for illicit substances.

Highlighting the collaborative approach, Gitonga emphasized the partnership between National Government Administrative Officers (NGAOs) and other key stakeholders, such as the National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACCADA), Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS), and Anti-Counterfeit Authority (ACA). This partnership aims to bolster local teams at division and sub-county levels to combat the menace of illicit brewing and drug abuse effectively.

Gitonga underscored the significance of the Isebania-Sirare border, noting its unfortunate status as a major conduit for counterfeit goods, illicit brews, and narcotics in the South Nyanza region. He called upon the community to collaborate closely with law enforcement agencies and local administrators to apprehend offenders and ensure the safety of future generations within the county.

Migori County Police Commander Francis Nguli commended the efforts of law enforcement personnel in combating illicit brews and narcotics. However, Nguli advocated for stricter penalties for those involved in the illegal narcotics trade, suggesting that confiscating vehicles used in transporting illicit substances could serve as a deterrent.

Tom Togo, the County Director for Environment, urged NGAO members to involve the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) in the disposal of seized narcotics and illicit brews. Togo expressed concern over reports of some confiscated brews being disposed of in rivers, posing a significant threat to human and animal life due to water pollution.

the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders, coupled with robust enforcement measures, signify a determined stance against the proliferation of illicit brews and narcotics in Migori County.