Georgina Njenga Doesn’t Mind Dating A Broke Man After Breaking Up With Tyler Mbaya

After being character developed by Tyler Mbaya aka Baha, Georgina Njenga now wants broke men.

The content creator revealed she wouldn’t mind dating a broke man during an interactive Question and Answer (Q&A) session with her fans on Instagram on Tuesday, January 23, 2024.

Njenga clarified that she would get on with a broke guy so long as he is hardworking.

The 22-year-old who was responding to a fan who had asked her to pick between a broke and a rich guy noted that she doesn’t mind dating a broke man as long as he is putting in the effort, adding that hardworking men are a real turn-on for her.

“For broke as long as I can see the effort and I like you why not? Hardworking men are a real turn-on for me 💯,” she stated.

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Georgina Njenga dumped Tyler Mbaya aka Baha after he was exposed as a scammer and started jumping from one man to another.

Tyler and Georgina parted ways in mid this year, she confirmed this while engaging her fans in a Q &A session on her Insta stories in July 2023.

“Are you and Tyler Mbaya still together?” a fan asked.

“No, we broke up,” she responded.

After breaking up with her baby daddy, Georgina was seen flirting with a handful of men. She even declared her undying crush on comedian Butita and he responded in kind.