Reactions As Gorgeous Lady With No Hands Uses Her Legs To Cooking -

Reactions As Gorgeous Lady With No Hands Uses Her Legs To Cooking

Internet users are currently reacting to a video of a woman who is physically disabled using her legs to cut okra accurately.

Diaby uploaded the TikTok video on November 15th, and in it, a woman can be seen standing on one leg while holding a sharp knife in the other and a handful of okra in the other. Viewers of the video on TikTok were awestruck by how skillfully she performed the cooking routine.

The young, attractive woman in the video cuts okra with her legs, and Tiktokers are commenting on the video. Diaby uploaded the video on November 15th, and it was immediately apparent that the woman’s mobility was affected by her lack of arms.

Not knowing what happened to her hands, the woman nonetheless stubbornly insisted on doing things her own way.

She sat on a chair, lifted her legs, and sliced okra imprecisely for 39 seconds in the clip.

She is not afraid of using a knife because she is comfortable around dangerous tools. It would appear that she has perfected the art of using her feet to accomplish goals and making no apologies for it.

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Videos posted to her other TikTok accounts reveal a strong, independent lady. She can be seen threshing groundnut and writing with her feet in one video and mixing what appears to be flour in another.