“Hadi rosecoco live?” Kenyans troll Eve Mungai and Trevor -

“Hadi rosecoco live?” Kenyans troll Eve Mungai and Trevor

Director Trevor and popular Kenyan YouTuber Eve Mungai unquestionably stand out as one of Kenya’s most beloved celebrity couples. They have successfully weathered the storm of online trolls and emerged stronger.

In a prior interview, Eve Mungai candidly shared the challenges she faced when she first entered the world of content creation. She revealed that she endured nights of tears due to online trolls who subjected her to body-shaming, particularly targeting the size of her physique.

However, this resilient content creator has since developed a thick skin and no longer allows the opinions of critics to affect her. The youthful couple is following in the footsteps of Bahati and Marua, infusing their social media presence with stunning photos, offering Kenyans a glimpse into their ideal relationship.

In a recent social media post, the couple sent shockwaves through the online community. Trevor was captured assisting Eve Mungai in adjusting her trousers, holding the exquisitely tailored garment near a delicate area. Kenyans couldn’t help but react to this candid moment.

Trevor shared the photo on his Instagram page, accompanied by the caption, “Normal is overrated, I’d rather be weird!”

While some of his followers praised the couple for their authenticity and openness about their relationship, others were taken aback by Trevor’s boldness in a public display of affection.

Here are some of the reactions:

@TheelifeOfSage: He’s making sure everything is in order 😂

@Lurashi: You don’t care what Kibe will say, you just post!

@Mungai_Eve: 🤦🤦 😂😂😂 darling ❤️

@Kafuri_x: If it’s yours, you just hold it!

@Shirooh: Live proof of genuine affection 😅❤️