Alex Mwakideu Biography Age, Wife, Radio Career, Business & Salary

Alex Mwakideu, a prominent Kenyan radio presenter, has had a dynamic career in the media industry. He is currently associated with Milele FM, having previously worked at Radio Maisha and Baraka FM in Mombasa. His journey in the Mombasa-based media scene spanned eight years before he decided to part ways with the Standard Media Group. In June, he tendered his resignation to Tom Japanni, the Head of Radio, marking the end of his long-standing affiliation with the company.

Mwakideu’s educational background includes attending Shimo La Tewa High School. Notably, there are stories of his high school days, including a notable incident where he had a conflict with his headmaster, hinting at a rebellious streak during his youth.

Despite his public persona, Alex Mwakideu is quite private about his personal life, including his date of birth. Consequently, information about his age remains undisclosed.

Mwakideu faced significant family challenges, particularly with the passing of his father in 2011. He commemorated his sister Emmy Mwakideu’s death with a tattoo on his upper right arm, demonstrating the depth of his emotional connection to his family. Renowned figures like Rashid Abdalla and Prezzo extended their condolences during this difficult time.

In his personal life, Alex Mwakideu is married to his wife, Dee. They exchanged vows on December 27, 2014, and have three children together, although their names are kept private.

Mwakideu’s career took a significant turn when he decided to leave Radio Maisha, a move that was likened to a media transfer window. He had been an integral part of the Standard Media Group for eight years, and he made this decision public via his social media platform, expressing gratitude to Radio Maisha and the Standard Media Group for the fruitful years.

The radio presenter also revealed the reason behind his abstention from alcohol. Despite speculations stemming from a photo of him at The Norfolk Hotel with a tumbler in the background, Mwakideu clarified that he refrains from drinking alcohol in honor of his late mother. She had consistently cautioned him about the perils of alcohol, and this influence led him to quit drinking after her passing in 2019.

On August 14, 2023, Alex Mwakideu bid farewell to Milele FM, which he had been associated with for five years. He did not provide specific reasons for his departure but shared his appreciation for the support and mentioned that he was moving on to new endeavors. This decision came shortly after comedian Mulamwah left the station, and there was a temporary confusion regarding Mwakideu’s status at the station, which he later clarified.

In addition to his radio career, Mwakideu ventured into the car importation business from Japan and local sales. He received guidance from his friend Steve Nyabwa, the owner of Shine and Sparkle carwash, in establishing his carwash businesses. Presently, he owns two carwash establishments in Athi-River and Syokimau, both operating under the name Pampered Rides car wash.

Alex Mwakideu is recognized as one of the highest-paid radio personalities in Kenya, with an estimated salary in the range of Kes 800,000. His successful career, coupled with his business ventures, has contributed to his financial prosperity and prominence in the media industry.