Terrence Creative: How The ‘Wash Wash’ Series Benefited The Content Creator

One of Terence Creative‘s most remarkable achievements was his trip to South Africa as a member of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s entourage. This trip, known as the “biznes legit” trip, was a significant accomplishment for him.

In addition to his trip, Terence also discussed the development of his comedy series, “Wash Wash.” He mentioned that he secured in-kind sponsorship for the first and second episodes, but paid the actors with his own money. However, for the third episode, he managed to secure a sponsor who helped cover production expenses and provide a modest gesture of appreciation to the actors.

When asked about his approach to comedy, Terence explained that he tries not to overthink things and stays current by doing a lot of research and drawing inspiration from real-life experiences. He believes that this approach helps him create content that resonates with his audience.

Recently, Terence has been investing a significant amount of money into developing his sketches. His newest “Wash Wash” routine, which cost him over KES 100,000, became the talk of the town for weeks. The skit has garnered over one million views on YouTube in just one month, with Part 2 receiving over 1.19 million views within two weeks of being posted.

Terence revealed that the popular “Kemikal” skit was one of the most costly productions. His wife, Milly Chebby, shared that the KES 100,000 budget covered all aspects of the production, including personnel, cosmetics, and the venue.

Terence, who has previously worked behind the scenes on the renowned Churchill Show, admitted that there was a point where he contemplated quitting. However, he was motivated to continue by his loyal followers. He expressed his gratitude towards his audience and acknowledged that he never imagined he would achieve such success, but he always had a desire for a better future.