Irene Nekesa: Diana Bahati’s Highest-Paid Nanny In Kenya -

Irene Nekesa: Diana Bahati’s Highest-Paid Nanny In Kenya

During an interview, Irene expressed her gratitude towards her bosses for teaching her effective money-making strategies and motivating her to put in more effort.

Diana Bahati has always been transparent about her fondness for her housekeeper Irene. She has consistently expressed her love and trust for Irene, considering her a precious blessing from God.

In a conversation with NTV, Irene mentioned how the Bahatis have opened numerous opportunities for her, both socially and financially. This exciting news was shared by Nairobi Gossip Club on their Instagram page.

Irene was introduced to the world of social media by her employer, Diana B. She actively participated in the family’s online content, creating a strong connection with them that surprised many.

The nanny frequently appears in Bahati’s videos, which some believe to be scripted, showcasing their extravagant exchange of gifts that some viewers perceive as deceitful. Additionally, Irene has joined the family on various vacations and participated in their activities. The income she earns from sponsorship deals contributes to 60% of her overall salary.