“Nlieda ata Studio na Nliachwa,zaa Uachwe pia,” Carol Sonnie Comments on RuthK Pregnancy photos with Bestie Mulamwah

In the latest development in the Mulamwah love saga, former flame Carol has lightheartedly commented on Mulamwah and his current girlfriend Ruth K’s recent pregnancy photos. Carol, infused with humor, quipped that she, too, had once shared similar pregnancy pictures with Mulamwah but didn’t quite make it to the “happily ever after” phase.

Amusingly, Carol advised Ruth K not to get overly caught up in the joy of impending motherhood, dropping a hint about Mulamwah’s track record of leaving women in suspense. She playfully warned Ruth K not to be taken aback if Mulamwah’s commitment turned out to be as fleeting as a viral internet meme.

Maintaining her signature style, Carol shared witty anecdotes, cautioning Ruth K that Mulamwah’s dedication might be as short-lived as a trending meme. The post concluded with Carol virtually high-fiving Ruth K, suggesting that they could establish an exclusive club of Mulamwah’s exes who proudly showcased pregnancy photos but ended up on the wrong side of the relationship equation.

In the spotlight of Mulamwah and Ruth K’s relationship on social media, it appears that Carol has found a unique and humorous way to navigate the complexities of the past. In Mulamwah’s love life, it seems laughter truly serves as the best remedy, even when dealing with the twists and turns of pregnancy photo drama.