“Zaeni na watu wako na akili! “Jackie Matubia on being a single mum

Award-winning actress Jackie Matubia recently shared valuable advice for women, underscoring the significance of choosing partners who exhibit intelligence and expressing appreciation for men actively involved in raising their children.

In her most recent YouTube video, Jackie offered insights into her evolving perspective on life, detailing the highs and lows she encountered throughout 2023.

Expressing gratitude for her journey, Jackie stated, “I am making an effort to reconnect with this space and interact with my fans on YouTube. It’s been an incredible journey. I take pride in being a single mother of two. I’ve realized that what brings me happiness is good vibes, Inshallah, and choosing to catch flights, not feelings.”

Further elaborating, she humorously remarked, “I keep telling you guys, even if you decide to have children, choose partners with both heart and intelligence.” She burst into laughter and added, “Because some of us advising you have also had our fair share of experiences.”

Acknowledging that her life has become a trending topic, Jackie playfully said, “Oh, Jackie Matubia, Jackie Matubia, I know my name sounds sweet. But all I can say is I chose to love myself and prioritize my well-being,” tears welling up as she spoke about her small family.

Reflecting on her journey as a single mother, Jackie emphasized the pivotal roles of faith and self-love. She shared, “God has been my anchor when everything seemed to be falling apart. He assured me that He is the Alpha and Omega and has been the father to my kids. He provided a shoulder to lean on. It’s been a whirlwind of months—losing some and gaining more. If you’re facing tough times, take a moment to identify what truly makes you happy.”

Jackie Matubia delved into the profound impact of 2023 on her life, detailing personal struggles and the growth she experienced as a single mother.

Beyond her reflections on single motherhood, Jackie touched on the challenges stemming from a failed relationship with her second baby daddy, Blessing Lung’aho, as well as the pain of losing close friends.