” Krg The Don Atapita na Wife Yako” CassyPool Warns Bahati. -

” Krg The Don Atapita na Wife Yako” CassyPool Warns Bahati.

CassyPool, a renowned Kenyan celebrity critic and content creator, has joined the ranks of celebrities who openly express concern over a trending video involving Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua, getting cozy with Krg The Don at a nightclub in Nairobi.

In an interview with Commentator, CassyPool voiced his opinion that Bahati is heading in the wrong direction as an artist. He firmly believes that real men should not involve their partners in activities such as partying at clubs or other entertainment venues.

CassyPool argues that Krg The Don’s intimate behavior with Diana Marua in front of Bahati raises suspicions about what might be happening behind the scenes. He warns that if Bahati continues to allow such situations, it won’t be long before Krg tries to develop a deeper connection with Diana.

Furthermore, CassyPool emphasizes Krg’s wealth and lack of a wife, making him a significant red flag that cannot be trusted around someone else’s spouse, especially given the numerous scandals where he has allegedly impregnated multiple women.

CassyPool believes that while some may perceive this incident as just another moment of entertainment, Bahati will soon face the harsh reality and come to regret allowing morally questionable individuals like Krg The Don to spend time with his wife, Diana.

In a plea to Bahati, CassyPool urges him to establish clear boundaries for his wife before things spiral out of control. Ignoring this advice could lead to unfortunate consequences, potentially resulting in a breakup and other unpleasant scenarios.