‘I prefer My fingers and toys, My boyfriend only last 2 minutes’ – Lady reveals

In an anonymous confession shared on TV3’s program, “Confessions,” a woman revealed her deep-seated frustration with her partner’s inability to satisfy her sexually. She recounted how her partner consistently lasts less than two minutes in bed, leaving her feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied.

Speaking to Ms. Nancy on the show, the woman expressed her disappointment, admitting that she often chooses to masturbate instead of engaging in sexual intercourse with her partner. She explained, “Within two minutes, he has ejaculated already. Because of this, I find myself avoiding intimacy with him and resorting to self-pleasure to fulfill my sexual needs. It’s disheartening that every time we attempt to be intimate, he reaches climax within such a short timeframe, leaving me unsatisfied.”

This candid admission sheds light on the emotional toll that sexual dissatisfaction can take on a relationship. The woman’s anonymous disclosure underscores the importance of open communication and addressing issues of sexual compatibility within partnerships.