Prophet Owuor :NiliDestroy Haiti, nikaleta Corona, I Will Also Destroy Kenya Forever!!

The self-proclaimed religious figure, Prophet Owour, has made audacious claims regarding his purported influence over catastrophic events. Among these claims, he asserts responsibility for the emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic, which resulted in the loss of millions of lives worldwide.

Furthermore, Owour alleges his involvement in the complete devastation of Haiti, attributing this calamity to what he labels as devil worship within the nation. He insists that he had forewarned the people of Haiti about impending doom, yet they disregarded his admonitions, leading to their current plight.

In a more ominous proclamation, Owour has issued a stark warning to Kenya, declaring his intent to bring about its eternal destruction should he be provoked. He cautions against any attempts to challenge his authority, emphasizing his purported ability to invoke curses and wreak havoc upon the nation. Owour claims to possess formidable powers of destruction, asserting his readiness to unleash them at any moment, thereby urging Kenyans to heed his guidance for their own safety.

In summary, Prophet Owour asserts dominion over catastrophic events, attributing the emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic and the devastation of Haiti to his divine intervention. He issues a stern warning to Kenya, emphasizing his ability to inflict irreversible harm should his authority be questioned. Owour’s declarations underscore his self-proclaimed status as a figure of immense power and influence, urging obedience and reverence from those who encounter his proclamations.