Ngong Businesswoman Reconciles With Her Husband After 13-Year Breakup

I am an African woman. African women don’t have the luxury of moving into another relationship after
divorce. It is not possible because most men who breakup marry younger women.
Yes, there are so many women on this continent. So why would a man marry a divorced woman when
he can get a brand new vehicle from the showroom?

I know I will be criticized for this but I don’t care because I have been through this and I have first hand

In 2008, we had a small disagreement with my husband and dad to our two daughters. It wasn’t
supposed to be a big issue but me being an African woman, I decided to go back home to my parents.
Traditionally, my husband should follow me to resolve our differences.
But he didn’t. Little did I know that when I left home, I had signed my own divorces papers. I waited for
him to come to take me back but he didn’t. After three months, I sent elders from my family to go and
talk to my husband.

He told them he was no longer interested in the relationship for I had become a nuisance to him. He
detailed down all the mistakes I had committed. That man dissected me.
And just like that I was divorced. As a successful businesswoman, I thought finding another suitor would
be easy.

But I came to realize that I was so wrong. Most of the men, who approached me were mostly married or
if not married they were not interested in something serious.
Boys who wanted to taste a mature woman before going back to their girlfriends. It was tough.
After many years, I realized that this would be my life. I stopped dating in 2018, 10 years after breaking
up with my husband.

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get back with my husband.

Miraculously, my husband called me within three days asking for a meeting. We are now together, 13
years after we broke up.
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