President Ruto Security Bodyguard Wife Shoots Daughter, Attempts Suicide

Langata detectives are currently investigating a shooting incident that occurred at the residence of an officer affiliated with the Presidential Escort Unit.

As per a police report disclosed on the morning of Tuesday, April 2, the incident transpired subsequent to the officer’s gathering of family members for an Easter celebration on South Bypass.

Upon his return home later that evening, a dispute erupted between the officer and his spouse. Amidst the altercation, the officer’s 29-year-old wife retrieved a Jericho handgun from the bedroom.

In a distressing turn of events, the officer brandished the firearm, directing it towards himself, and issuing threats of self-harm in the presence of their children.

According to the police report, one of the children, a student from Langata Barracks, implored his mother not to inflict harm and urged for an amicable resolution of their differences.

Subsequently, the child cautiously approached his mother in an attempt to disarm her. A scuffle ensued, resulting in the accidental discharge of a bullet from the waist holster. The bullet struck the mother in the upper chest, exiting through her back, while the child sustained an injury to their right hand during the altercation.