Revealed that Stivo simple boy Brother kicked him out of his house in Buruburu and took over.

Stivo Simple Boy’s manager decided to part ways with the singer, citing a familial dispute. Chingi Boy, in an exclusive interview, disclosed that Stivo has relocated to Kibra, with his brother assuming occupancy of their Buruburu residence. Stivo himself confirmed his return to Kibra but refrained from elaborating on the circumstances surrounding his relocation.

The eviction of Stivo Simple Boy stemmed from a conflict within his family, despite the manager’s endeavors to bolster the artist’s career. Chingi Boy lamented the familial discord, indicating that Stivo’s siblings ousted him from his Buruburu dwelling, precipitating his return to Kibra. “The artist’s family is at odds with me, despite my efforts to assist him. Now, they’ve resettled him in Kibra. Stivo remains reticent, merely smiling,” Chingi expressed.

In July 2023, Mumias East MP Peter Salasya offered to cover Freshi Barida’s rent amounting to KSh 10,000, prompting a relocation to Donholm.

Regarding Stivo’s move to Buruburu, the manager clarified that Salasya didn’t facilitate the transition to Donholm; instead, he facilitated the move to Buruburu. He advised against providing monetary assistance, suggesting purchasing household items instead. Despite his support, Stivo was ultimately ousted from the property, now inhabited by his brother, although the manager continues to cover the expenses. Chingi affirmed his decision to terminate his managerial role, having already informed the manager about serving Steve’s brother a vacate notice.

Stivo reiterated his return to Kibra but remained tight-lipped about the specifics prompting his relocation.

Singer Ndio Maanake’s recent fainting spell during a live TV interview garnered widespread concern. However, relief followed as Trevor, the YouTuber’s director, extended assistance to Steve in his content creation journey shortly afterward.