Nairobi Floods sweeps a police officer during a rescue mission

The devastating floods that struck Nairobi County on Sunday, March 24, have claimed the lives of at least three individuals, according to reports from the police.

One of the deceased is identified as a brave police officer from Kamkunji Police Station, who tragically lost his life while performing a rescue mission. He valiantly saved four individuals trapped in a stall at County Bus Station before succumbing to the force of the floods. Regrettably, he fell into a manhole along with his AK-47 rifle during the incident.

Nairobi Police Chief Adamson Bungei revealed that the officer was part of a team responding to a distress call concerning three women and a child trapped in debris following a slab collapse between two stalls in the area. Despite efforts, his body remains undiscovered.

In addition to the officer’s death, two other individuals, identified as boda boda riders, fell victim to the floods in the Eastlands area of Nairobi. The calamity also resulted in numerous motorists being stranded as their vehicles stalled in the floodwaters.

Some of the worst-affected roads included the Nairobi Expressway and Ojijo Road, where The Standard reported at least five vehicles left immobilized. These roads, critical for commuting, experienced significant disruption due to the flooding, causing inconvenience and danger to those traveling, especially during the rush hour.