“Kwani nilikupiga ngumi sana”- Read Funny WhatsApp Chat Between Babake Davie And Mamake After He Beat Her To A Pulp (Screenshots).

There is no dull day in Kenya and if you never find anything funny, then this WhatsApp thread will definitely crack you up.

A viral WhatsApp Chat between a husband and wife has united Kenyans again.

In the chat, the husband is seen begging his wife too return home after he apparently gave her a dog’s beating.

The man questioned his wife asking her if he injured her and the wife emotionally tells him that she is done with the relationship.

She is then seen explaining how swollen her face is vowing that she will never return to his home.

The man begs her to return and sends her Ksh 500 as transport money to come back home.

Read the chats;