Why Billionaire Chris Kirubi Didn’t Have a Wife For Over 20 Years Until his Death

The late Chris Kirubi was not only admired for his success in business but also freedom in some aspects of life.

However his marriage life was against many odds as he lived as a bachelor for many years despite his advanced age and massive wealth.

In this segment, we takes a look at why Chris Kirubi divorced his wife and never remarried until his death. 

Chris Kirubi marriage

Chris Kirubi wife and marriage 

According to a report by K24 Digital, the late business mogul was married for several years. However his marriage came to an end in 1999 when he parted ways with his wife. 

Less information is known about Mrs Kirubi who reportedly retired in 2017 hence leading a lowkey lifestyle. 

Why Chris Kirubi divorced his wife 

During a past interview with famous comedian Churchill, Kirubi revealed why he walked out of his marriage. 

Chris Kirubi marriage

The late businessman who was briefly married, divorced his wife as he felt that married is a form slavery. 

Kirubi’s union with his wife did not last for long as the latter was allegedly quarrelsome and toxic. 

Marriage is enslavement and you have to be careful. You have to agree to go into slavery and into jail… “ said Kirubi in a past interview.

Until his death, Chris Kirubi remained a bachelor as for over 20 years he was never willing to marry again. 

Did Chris Kirubi have children? 

Before their divorce, Kirubi and his wife were blessed with 2 children.

Chris Kirubi wealth

Chris Kirubi daughter, Mary Anne Wambui is a prominent business person as she runs some of her late father’s empire. 

Some of the companies that she manages include, UAP Investments Limited, Sidian Bank, International House Limited, Woof Advertising and marketing, Haco Tiger Brands and Croyden Limited.

On the other hand, his son Robert Kirubi works abroad at the DHL services as the head of Global Customer programs. 

Who Inherited Chris Kirubi wealth? 

In his 1996 will, Chris Kirubi handed his daughter (Mary Anne) and son (Robert), 80% of his estate. He also gifted his second daughter, Fiona Kirubi Shs 4 million. In addition, Mary and Robert gave 9.95% of the estate to Fiona. 

The late business tycoon didn’t leave out his 4 siblings as they each got Shs 500 million. 

Chris Kirubi wealth

As per the will, Chris Kirubi left nothing to his ex wife and mistress.