He does everything i want”-Lady Admits To Using Charms On Boyfriend
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“He does everything i want”-Lady Admits To Using Charms On Boyfriend.

In Kenya, over 25% of the ladies between 26 and 35 have used love charms on their spouse according to a research done by GEMA production company.

The report also detailed that most of traditional doctors come from Kitui, Murang’a and Kisii adding that one can get love charms at only Ksh 5,000.

Relationship can be very complicated at times with Spouses doing stupid things which they regret later.

This is true judging by a post circulating on social media where a lady is requesting for help to reverse the charms she used on her boyfriend.

In the post, the lady detailed how she went to a native doctor seeking help to make her boyfriend love her than anything else.

“I wanted him to love me so much but now am regretting my actions because it has become so much. I want help to make him stop loving me too much and stop doing everything I tell him,” part of the post read.

The lady went on to confess that her mother helped her bewitch her boyfriend to prevent him from cheating on her.

The general public criticized the lady with a ome claiming that the police should take charge and arrest the lady after her confession.

Some of the social media users however sympathized with the lady saying that such cases are common in the country.

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