‘Omosh akicheza anapigwa kitu ,Akothee ni Mwanaume mwenzake!’ Ringtone disses Akothee’s new hubby -

‘Omosh akicheza anapigwa kitu ,Akothee ni Mwanaume mwenzake!’ Ringtone disses Akothee’s new hubby

Controversial gospel artist, Alex Apoko, popularly known as Ringtone, recently made claims that he had plans to marry fellow musician and entrepreneur, Akothee. Despite often being accused of clout-chasing, Ringtone insisted that he truly loved Akothee and had many plans to make her his legal wife, in case he did not have anyone else to marry.

According to Ringtone, he even wrote Akothee a check for nearly one million shillings as a gift for her wedding, which he did not attend. “I have written a check for 999k to Esther Akoth. I love Akothee very much, and one day, I was planning to marry Akothee if I didn’t have a woman to marry,” he said.

Ringtone also expressed his admiration for Akothee’s flirty nature, but claimed that it was only acceptable if it led to a closer relationship with God. However, despite his love for Akothee, Ringtone claimed that he was not invited to her wedding.

“Akothee hakuolewa, alioa. Yule hawezi olewa. Na Omosh akicheza anapigwa, akikataa kufanya kazai za ndani atapigwa. Pale Omosh pengine alipenda Akothee lakini hakumjua vizuri, pale kupigwa nako atapigwa sana. Lakini asiogope kusema maana sisi ndio tutamtetea,” Ringtone said.

Ringtone also boasted that if he were to attend Akothee’s wedding, there would be many helicopters and no landing space. He claimed that in Kenyan art, there are only two billionaire artists, himself and another artist, KRG the Don. He dismissed the other artists who were invited to Akothee’s wedding as “hungry people.”

In summary, Ringtone’s claims about his plans to marry Akothee and the check he wrote for her wedding have generated controversy. However, his claims should be taken with a grain of salt, given his reputation for making attention-grabbing statements.