ESTHER MUSILA reveals why she didn’t enjoy her first marriage and praises her youthful husband GUARDIAN ANGEL.

Esther Musila, the wife of Guardian Angel, has shared insights into her previous marriage, shedding light on why it didn’t bring her joy.

During a candid conversation on their podcast, Esther, a mother of three, expressed her newfound happiness in her current marriage with the renowned gospel artist. She confessed that unlike her first marriage, where she didn’t relish being called a wife, she now finds immense satisfaction in it.

Reflecting on her past, Esther attributed her lack of fulfillment as a wife in her earlier marriage to tying the knot at a young age. She believed that her youth prevented her from fully embracing the role of a wife, as her focus was primarily on her children and fulfilling societal expectations.

In contrast, Esther praised Guardian Angel for redefining her perception of marriage and instilling in her a sense of joy in being his wife. She acknowledged that she now comprehends the true essence of marital union and cherishes the title of a wife, a sentiment she had never experienced before.

Guardian Angel, echoing Esther’s sentiments, credited marriage for fostering his personal growth and maturity. He admitted that prior to tying the knot, he led a carefree life, but marriage has transformed him into a responsible individual.

According to Guardian Angel, marriage has instilled discipline and accountability in his life, challenging him to prioritize his actions and decisions. He emphasized that the commitment to his wife has propelled him towards greater maturity and fulfillment, both personally and professionally.

Reflecting on his journey, Guardian Angel acknowledged the role of his marriage in shaping his character and unlocking new opportunities in his life. He attributed his growth and success to the partnership and responsibility he shares with his wife, highlighting the transformative power of marital commitment.