How a kikuyu man in the US ran a 7-year-con game that stole Sh116m

Simon Ndereva, a Kikuyu man living in the United States, ran a 7-year-long con game that successfully stole over Sh116 million from unsuspecting victims.

Ndereva posed as a wealthy businessman, using his charm and charisma to convince people to invest in his “business ventures.” However, these ventures were nothing more than elaborate lies, and Ndereva had no intention of actually following through on any of his promises.

His victims were primarily wealthy individuals and small businesses, who were lured in by Ndereva’s promises of high returns on their investments. However, as soon as they handed over their money, Ndereva would disappear, leaving them with nothing to show for their investment.

Despite the fact that he was stealing millions of shillings from people, Ndereva lived a lavish lifestyle, spending the money on expensive cars, lavish vacations, and designer clothing.

It wasn’t until one of his victims, a small business owner, decided to do some digging that the truth about Ndereva’s con game was uncovered. After discovering that Ndereva had no real businesses and that he had been stealing from people for years, the victim contacted the authorities and Ndereva was finally brought to justice.

Ndereva was arrested and charged with numerous counts of fraud, and he was eventually sentenced to prison for his crimes.

While Ndereva’s con game was ultimately successful for a time, it ultimately ended in his downfall. His greed and desire for a luxurious lifestyle led him to betray the trust of those around him, and he ended up paying the price for his actions.