How a Nyeri Hawker Makes Ksh.90,000 Per Month Selling Roasted Yams.

Discover the Success Story of a Nyeri Entrepreneur Earning Ksh. 900,000 Monthly from Roasted Yam Sales: Peter Gitonga stands as a testament to the rewards of persistent hard work and determination. A resident and entrepreneur in Nyeri County, Gitonga has found financial success through his venture of selling roasted yams, a business that covers all his expenses.

In a recent interview with an online media outlet, Gitonga shared his journey. Having lost his job at a construction company, he found himself unemployed for over a month despite earnest job hunting. Faced with this challenge, Gitonga took matters into his own hands and decided to start a business by selling roasted maize. However, the initial phase of this venture proved challenging.

Determined to enhance his profits, Gitonga sought advice from fellow traders and made the strategic decision to transition to selling roasted yams. This shift proved to be a game-changer for him.

Over the past five years, Gitonga’s roasted yam business has flourished, bringing in substantial profits. On a daily basis, he earns a profit of up to Ksh. 3,000. He acquires a sack of yams daily for Ksh. 3,000 and sells them at Ksh. 7,000. This translates to a monthly income of Ksh. 90,000 and an annual income surpassing Ksh. 1 million.

With the profits generated from his entrepreneurial venture, Gitonga has achieved significant milestones. He has been able to purchase a piece of land, construct a shop for his wife, and cover the school fees for his children. Gitonga now advocates for the youth to explore self-employment and odd jobs, emphasizing the potential for substantial profits in such ventures. His success story serves as an inspiration for others looking to forge their path in the world of entrepreneurship.