Peterson Muturi: Nairobi Man Working as Watchman Graduates from Law School: “It’s a Dream Come True”

Peterson Muturi stood out among his peers at the Kenya School of Law’s graduation ceremony on Friday, not just because of his graduation gown, but also because of the security guard uniform he wore underneath. The day was particularly significant for him, as it marked the culmination of a long and challenging journey to achieve his dream of becoming a lawyer.

Muturi comes from a poor family and moved from Nyamira County to Nairobi in 2014 in search of a better life. He worked as a security guard at Radar Security while also hawking drinking water and groundnuts on the streets to make ends meet. Despite these difficulties, he managed to set aside Sh50,000 to pay for his admission to law school.

In 2016, he applied for admission to the Kenya School of Law and was accepted, but he was unable to continue his studies due to a lack of school fees. Fortunately, he received a scholarship from the school director, Mr. PLO Lumumba, which allowed him to continue his studies. However, after working at night and attending classes during the day, he only scored a pass in his final exams, which did not qualify him for the next stage of becoming a lawyer.

Determined to achieve his goal, Muturi decided to retake the diploma course and approached his employer for help. Radar Security agreed to sponsor him and he graduated with a credit score, which now allows him to pursue a law degree and become an advocate.

Muturi’s story is a testament to the power of hard work and perseverance. He is now fulfilling his desire to help the vulnerable in society access justice and, even after graduating, he still turns up for his night duties in hopes of one day graduating with a degree and joining the legal fraternity as an advocate.