Director Trevor: Nilipatia Kibe Ksh.580,000 For Interview akakataa and Did it With Mungai Eve Free.

The renowned Director Trevor has finally decided to unveil to the public the reasons behind his failed attempt to conduct an interview with Andrew Kibe.

Initially, when asked why he didn’t interview with Director Trevor, Kibe cited financial reasons, suggesting that Trevor hadn’t compensated him. However, he later stated that he hadn’t been approached for an interview by Trevor, indicating that he chose to engage with Eve because she had requested the interview and he perceived value in it.

In an interview with Iko Nini alongside Mwafreeka, Trevor disclosed that he had been in discussions with Kibe while Kibe was in the USA. Upon Kibe’s return to Kenya, Trevor reached out to him, proposing to organize an online media session upon his arrival at the airport.

However, Kibe responded angrily, insisting on an exclusive interview and demanding a fee of $2000 USD. Trevor agreed to pay $4000 USD for both Kibe’s interview and Presenter Ali’s involvement, totaling Ksh.580,000. Trevor was prepared to fulfill this financial commitment.

Despite Trevor’s willingness to pay, Kibe requested payment via cash app initially, but later changed his preference to cash. Nonetheless, Trevor was prepared to accommodate Kibe’s request for cash payment, yet Kibe appeared uninterested.

Subsequently, Kibe decided to conduct an interview with Mungai Eve at no cost. Trevor remains puzzled by Kibe’s decision and speculated that there might be underlying animosity that he’s unaware of.